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- about me -

I'm Joe. I own and run No Fear Photography

I love speed, adventure and nature.....but most of all, I love people.

And I'm lucky enough to have a job that ties all of my favorite things together.

Before starting this business, photography was just a passion I had, I earned my living in the building trade, specifically as a tiler. That was good. It's what my wonderful father taught me when I left school and I'm good at it.

So how did I become a photographer?

Well, it started when our construction skills became valuable for charity work. First in UK then in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We started getting invited to assist with many construction projects, which made it impossible to maintain all the tiling contracts we had back home.

Decision time:

For me and my wife, Joanna, to continue helping with the building of education centers and homes etc in Africa we would need a different type of work all together. Or we must give up helping.

We honestly sat down and said "What would be the perfect job for us to keep doing this?". It struck us that we get to visit some of the most compelling places on the planet whilst volunteering, Table Mountain, Zanzibar, Kinshasa City, Lake Malawi to name a few.


I was already an experienced hobby photographer and had done a bit of work with my uncle who was a wedding photographer at the time.

A plan was forming.

I'm also involved in training the people we work alongside. My uncle must be given the credit for the idea of combining these two areas of experience into running photography courses.

I'm so glad he did....That smile of satisfaction when the penny drops as someone learns a new skill is one of my favorite sights.

And I get to see that smile every time we hold a course.


I hope one day that will be your smile.

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No Fear Photography

The name is full of meaning.

 Firstly, I love adventure sports and high speed action.


To capture the moment when a person achieves the impossible and pushes all limits will always excite me.


No Fear

Second, many people who come on our courses are apprehensive about turning that mode dial away from "Auto".

To them our business' name is a message, you can do it, get off auto.


No Fear

What makes me passionate about photography?

Photography gives me the opportunity to share the amazing, the scary, the emotional and the breathtaking with people who may never get to stand where I have stood.

A skilfully used camera can capture things that the naked eye can't even see.

And then preserve those moments forever.

That is what makes it precious - always fresh and exciting to me.

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