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Get off "Auto"

Take better pictures. 

Learn how to control exposure, depth of field, focus points etc.

Improve your composition and add a dynamic look to your travel photography.

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For your special event - 

We are ready!

We love to capture you at your best, on your best day, achieving your best. 

From photo booths to full mountain coverage.

You name it - we shoot it!


Coronavirus Immune - Zero Contact Services Available

We are still at work, still delivering photography services to keep you sane. Book a video appointment. Meet in a park for a Zero Contact, Safe Distance Photoshoot. Recieve digital images. Stay safe and keep living everyone! Book appointment

"Out there" idea or crazy schedule? Let's see if we can make it work

Do you need advice with a specific part of photography?

Would you like 3 hours of exclusive friendly tuition, just for you?

Or maybe you need to learn how to use Photoshop?

Then we can help!


We can arrange a time and venue to suit you.


1-2-1 Tuition for a half day course (3 hours) £80

Please fill out the form below or give us a call on 07919347393


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