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This is one of our collectors edition prints that is part of our "Colours of Crewe Stadium" commemorative artwork.  Available in A4, A3, or A2 sizes and printed using a 12 colour, giclée process, on archival art paper.


Created as a celebration of the golden era of Northern banger racing.


The concept was to create a piece that takes the viewer back in time.  Not just an image, but something that evokes emotion in those who remember the golden era, and captures the imagination of those who don’t.  Using modern design technology, we wanted to represent a bygone era of banger racing to a level of detail never before seen.


After months of research, a design was chosen and work was started to create detailed scale models of the cars to be used. After some complications, the decision was made - quite late on in the process - to use full size banger cars and build them as they would have back in the day.  An arrangement was made with the Invaders team to "borrow" three of their cars and build them as they would have looked back in the day.  Once the cars were ready, a photoshoot was carried out and work began on composing the final design.


With all of the images gathered together, the painstaking work of composing and editing the design began.  Some things like the signwriting and the dirt on the cars was created using computer technology, and super imposed after the photoshoot.  4 months after the original concept, the final design was finished and sent to print 


This is a collectors edition print and is available to purchase in A2, A3, and A4 size.


“We Three Kings” is a limited edition print, only 55 will ever be issued.   They are printed using state of the art giclee printers, onto archival paper.  Each print is uniquely numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity



534 Demon Don Crewe Stadium Collectors Edition

  • 240gsm
    Smooth Matte Finish
    Bright White - Whiteness – (CIE) 150

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