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Part of our "On the Brave Side of the Fence" collection.


421 Nutty Nigel Riley


A househould name in banger racing since the 1980s, the original Bear is one of the best wreckers still racing today.


As with many of the true legends of our sport, Nige is not only a great entertainer on track, but a big personality off it. Interviews with Nige are almost as fun to see as his racing!


Captain of the Bears team, Nigel and his team mates are a huge presence at any meeting they attend, and they always bring plenty of crashing.


When talking about Nutty Nige, it's impossible not to mention the work that he and the Bears team do for charity, notably the rocking horse foundation for sick children.


Fearless and ruthless on track, yet kind and jovial off it - Nutty Nige epitomises so much of what makes banger racers, and banger racing, so great. He is definitely one of the sports "Living Legends"



Available in A4, A3, or A2 size. Print only.


Printed using a 12 colour, giclée process, on high grade art paper. These prints will brighten your room and stand the test of time.

421 "Nutty" Nigel Riley Banger Racing Poster

  • 240gsm
    Smooth Matte Finish
    Bright White - Whiteness – (CIE) 150

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