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Part of our "On the Brave Side of the Fence" collection.


They say that being slightly unhinged is an advantage on the Banger track, and the legend that is "Marco Polo" Boulden certainly adds weight to that argument. Undoubtedly an extremely skilled racer; it was his unpredictability and tendancy to do something outrageous which cemented his place in banger racing folklore, and led to several run-ins with the governing body and opposition drivers alike.


World champion in 1996, Polo was certainly a well decorated driver.


Tragically killed in a work accident in 2002, Boulden left a hole in the racing scene that many will tell you, has never been filled.


Always an enigma - for some, Polo's antics took the shine off his legacy. For others, the madness was all part of his showmanship, and added to his appeal.

Whichever way you see it, few could reasonably argue with Polo's status as a legend.

Available in A4, A3, or A2 size. Print only.


Printed using a 12 colour, giclée process, on high grade art paper. These prints will brighten your room and stand the test of time.

249 Mark "Polo" Boulden Banger Racing Poster

  • 240gsm
    Smooth Matte Finish
    Bright White - Whiteness – (CIE) 150

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