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Part of our "On the Brave Side of the Fence" collection.


206 Dave "Kingy" King


As much as banger racing is about full bore, blood and thunder racing, a large part of the what makes short oval racing what it is, is the larger than life characters that seem to flood the pits at every race meeting.


Kingy was certainly one of those characters. A true entertainer, and an all round nice guy; Kingy was popular with fans and fellow drivers alike.


From the mid 80's, until the 2010's, Dave King was a constant feature at most major banger meetings.


In 1997 Kingy won the English Championship, which demonstrates his ability as a racer. But all who watched Kingy will agree that it was the entertainment value that he brought, which really endeared him to fans.


Kingy sadly passed away in 2017, the send off he received from all in the banger community testified to how much he would be missed.


In an article written by Caged in 2017, Kingy was quoted as saying "I still don't rate myself as top driver"

- With all due respect Dave, we beg to differ.



Available in A4, A3, or A2 size. Print only.


Printed using a 12 colour, giclée process, on high grade art paper. These prints will brighten your room and stand the test of time.

206 Dave "Kingy" King Banger Racing Poster

  • 240gsm
    Smooth Matte Finish
    Bright White - Whiteness – (CIE) 150

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