Our Photography Courses :



We run Part 1 and Part 2 courses please read the details below.

Beginners and Travel Photography Course:


A one day course where you will learn how to "get off auto". We look at all the basic functions of your  camera, how it works and how you can take control of it to capture your dream shots. We will also look at you as the photographer and how you can improve your skills and composition. 


Exploring Light Trails and Night Time Photography: 

An evening course in the heart of Chester, capturing the buildings and bridges when they are lit up at night.  We will also capture the movement of light with light trails. We will be using tripods, filters and White Balance.


Panning and Movement: 

Short course learning the techniques of panning. Learn how to capture your subject in the frame and also how to freeze your fast moving subject while blurring the background


Landscape and Water: 

Early morning course set  in beautiful countryside. You will learn the settings, filters and composition for your perfect landscape shot. You will also learn how to use moving water to create a dreamy feel to your shots.



We are running a 2 day course in Dordogne France. The first day will be the beginners SLR course and the second day we will look at landscape and water.



Why choose No Fear Photography?


  All of our clients go home feeling more enthusiastic about their photography and less baffled about their camera. Maybe you, like them, would like to understand why you sometimes get a great photograph and then seemingly without changing anything, the next picture comes out completely different. By understanding what the camera is doing, you can then make every shot turn out right. Whatever you want from your photography, we will be able to help you achieve it. For example, we're proud to have helped some of our clients get to grips with their new camera, prepare to take better photographs on their holiday of a lifetime, or photograph a relatives wedding.


On our Digital photography courses we like to keep the group size small, although our maximum course size is 10 we usually have around 5 people per photography course and time is spent with each individual, as well as on a group basis. Most people immediately notice the difference between reading what different camera functions do in a manual, and having someone show you what you can achieve by changing the settings on your own camera. That is why the slide show is kept a bit shorter to allow more time for finding which button controls each function or where to find specific controls within the menu on your own camera, all small steps to greatly improve your photography.


After all, photography is not about trawling through a huge instruction manual, it’s about holding your camera and using the superb functions that modern Digital SLR style camera's are full of, to create images and photography you are proud of.


Unlike most other one day photography courses, our course includes lunch. Held at various locations in Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales.


Whether you’re an absolute beginner in photography or you have limited experience but still feel a little daunted at all the buttons, dials and displays on your Digital SLR style camera, The No Fear Photography one day course is perfect for you. We often have people on our courses who have attended other companies photography courses. It makes us proud to receive comments from individuals who have attended our course and rate ours above any other courses they have been on before. We guarantee that you will leave our courses with a much better understanding of your camera and its functions, but also with greater enthusiasm for your photography.