Venue:  Oulton Park, Cheshire         


Date:     TBC

Time:   TBC


Price:    £35


Come and join us on the warm up day of the British Superbikes.  


We will have a brief look at the theory behind panning and movement and then go straight to the trackside for an action packed track. We aim to start with the smaller engine bikes which will be slower and easier to capture and we will work our way up to the faster bikes the British Superbikes.


You will learn the techniques of panning, how to freeze your shot and blur the background. 


The bikes go around so fast it is so easy to miss them and end up with a photograph of an  empty track - we have all done it! So we will look at tips to get a full bike in your shot.


This course is intermediate level, you will need some experience in aperture priority and manual, auto shooters may struggle on this course.


You will need to pay for your own entrance into the event.


Limited availability