VENUE: Bridge Inn


TIME: 10am-4pm

PRICE: £80 including lunch

Llangollen is a very pretty town set in the Welsh Hills. It's a perfect place for photography. Rivers, canals, hills and a scenic town centre are all perfect photo opportunities. 

Designed for anyone who owns a DSLR type camera but feels they are not getting the best out of their camera. We don't run these for courses for DSLR camera users only, most "Bridge" cameras and some Compacts have enough range in the fundamental settings to make the course a great help for all camera users. The Photography tips and advice are sure to enthuse any photographer, regardless of previous experience, or lack of. Whether you are stuck in auto or want to get to grips with the finer points of Depth of Field, ISO or light metering this course will leave you with much greater knowledge and understanding of your cameras functions, and how/when to use them for the perfect picture in any situation.


 We will start at the very basics, building from there at the right pace for each group. There will be a mix of slide show presentations, indoor exercises with your camera, indoor demonstrations and plenty of time outside to practice your new skills and start taking better pictures immediately!

In the morning we cover photography tips which relate to camera settings and how best to use them, whilst in the afternoon the photography advice will be more about composition and lighting. I will pass on as many photography tips, tricks and hints as you can absorb throughout the day although I am always careful not to overload you and loose my clients. 

  I will be on hand to help you with any questions you have throughout the day. My aim is to help you get more from your camera and have a great day in the process.

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