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Beginners & Travel

Our beginners courses are run at a number of exciting venues throughout the year. We carefully select places with plenty of subject material to photograph.

On every course we cover better composition, better use of natural light, changing shutter speed, focus points and F numbers.

I guarantee that you will be able to blur the background for professional looking shots by the end of the day. 

We meet up in a relaxed setting. After an informal introduction we look at the features on your camera - how it all works and what effects are produced by changing settings.

We have a slide show with a few examples to help everyone along

Once everyone has a basic grasp of how to alter the settings, we head out to put it into practice before breaking for dinner. Lunch is included on our courses. After that we get into composing better photographs, positioning ourselves to capture the available light as best we can.


I’m on hand all the time to help and lead you through using your camera.

One last thing, we have lots of fun in the process. Please look at the comments and reviews from our previous customers.

See you soon!


Normally runs 10am-4pm. The cost is £80.

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